Our vacation rentals are located on the edge of the village of Bigfork where the Swan River flows into Bigfork Bay. As our name implies, we are on Bridge Street just before the old steel bridge, about a half-block (even though we do not have blocks) off of Electric Avenue — the “no lane” main street that runs through the heart of town.

Driving Directions

If you are driving here, you will come into town on Highway 35. When you get to our one stoplight at the intersection of Highway 35 and Grand Avenue, you will turn down into town. It is a right hand turn if you have come from the south and a left hand turn if you have come from the north. You will see the bay on your right hand side and just a few seconds later you will come to Electric Avenue; turn right and follow Electric Avenue through town (it is a quick trip).

Along the way you will pass the Playhouse on your right, and then a little further on is the Garden Bar (a local landmark, to be sure) on your left. Head downhill toward the river and you are on Bridge Street. The cottages are on the left-hand side just before the old steel bridge.

From the Airport

If you’re flying into the area, the airport is Glacier International (airport code FCA). If you are renting a car, just ask them the easiest way from the rental facility to Highway 35. You will head south on 35 until you hit the stoplight at Grand Avenue; then just follow the Driving Instructions above. It is approximately a 30 minute trip from the airport.